What Needs To Change – The Psychology of Weight Loss?

Good habits or bad – What needs to change – The psychology of weight loss?

Change is a necessary evil!

Most, if not all of us have things that need to change if we are to successfully lose weight and maintain the improvements; the odd habit that hinders us or the little behaviours that have held us back from our goals will need to be addressed if we want to have a successful outcome. A little self-awareness can be a great asset in moving nearer to the person we want to be. Building insight into our destructive nature and ourselves is a big step towards understanding our weight and health issues and a giant leap forward in tackling them.

Think about the small things that add up over a week.  The biscuits with a cup of tea or coffee and the ice cream we eat after lunch. The round of bread and butter with a full English breakfast and the two sugars in our hot drink all add up. The truth is we all have things that need to change. The odd habit that hinders us or the little behaviours that have held us back from our goals. Or indeed the gigantic elephants in the room that we just won’t give the heave ho!

Think about the small things that add up over a week.

Some common behaviour changes for people who have a tendency to being overweight might include:

  • Unhealthy snacking in-between meals.
  • Frequently choosing to have a dessert with every meal.
  • Regular consumption of alcohol or sugary drinks.
  • Closeness to people who have unhealthy habits and appetites usually linked to an inability to plough one’s own furrow or say ‘no’.
  • Indulging or even keeping a binge cupboard for those moments of weakness.
  • Overweight people often prepare for actions that keep us overweight.

Keeping a Journal

Keeping a journal to help understand the psychology of weight loss.


When identifying what needs to change in your life if you are to make the leap forward you want you will need to maintain a regular journal. Journaling is an invaluable tool in understanding the psychology of weight loss. Our article on the benefits of journaling for weight loss can be read here and might of considerable value to you. Keep the Waetugo site close to hand at all times on your laptop, phone or tablet and in the journal section jot down the bad habits as the urges and temptations occur. If you reach for the biscuit tin, write it in your journal. If you find yourself grabbing for the freezer door for that ice cream, let it go and journal the behaviour. Then refer back to it every few days and add what needs to change in your Waetugoal page.

This article doesn’t provide an exhaustive list of the changes we can make, for that needs to come from your own exploring. Add some, the more obvious ones in your Waetugoal immediately and keep adding them as you go through your journey as you recognise them. Keeping your journal each day will offer further insights and reading the journals of others will offer even more.

Helpful Hints

Here you will find a few additional helpful hints and tips to help you get to grips with ‘what needs to change’.

  1. Write the more obvious problematic behaviours in your Waetugoal immediately.

girl keeping a Waetugo journal

  1. Write down an alternative behaviour that might just fill a difficult gap.
  2. Watch yourself like a scientist over the next week or so. Observe the issues you might have missed and add these to your list.

A scientific approach to understanding the psychology of weight loss.

  1. Once your list is fully populated, set yourself a mini goal of going just three days without resorting to any of them.
  2. Share your mini goal with your Waetugo group if you’ve joined or a trusted friend or loved one if not.
  3. Keep a journal.
  4. Now go for a streak! See how many days you can complete without falling back on old behaviours. But don’t seek perfection. When the streak ends just start again and go for a new record.

In Summary

Regularly refer back to this and other articles on Waetugo for information, education and the team experience will slowly provide you with all that is needed for your journey and keeping you committed to reaching your goal.

Motivation and psychology.

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In this article you will see how to set a foundation for a new mind-set.

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All the very best with everything you do.

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