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So you found us! And we are really glad to see you here and would like to say a big thank you for making us part of your weight loss programme. You will find many articles and useful tools to help and we thought we would offer you an introduction to what we are about. This isn’t a quick set up – setting up here is easy and you don’t even have to join to read all the articles – just a few pointers that might help you understand how we think we can offer you an edge when it comes to losing a little weight, getting in shape and then staying there.

Here at Waetugo we have been working hard giving you the very best the web has to offer on the subject of the psychology of weight loss. And we intend to keep going by writing more and more and reviewing the evidence so you have everything you will ever need in one place.

A great starting point when examining how psychology affects our weight and physical health is to take a look at some of the beliefs we have which may be undermining our efforts. In the article linked here you will read about the common beliefs we hold about about hunger, food, your relationship with them, exercise and body image.

Perhaps the biggest step towards achieving your ideal body weight is to focus the mind with a goal – we call it a Waetugoal. Follow this little link for all you need to get started on your own goal.

A psychology site wouldn’t be complete without some thoughts about thinking. Thinking can be the bane of our lives but when we understand how to turn this to our advantage we get a boost to our weight loss endeavours. Follow these two links for more information and you can become a skilled thinker –

Moral licensing and Thinking errors.

If you’ve started to have a read around the site, you might consider joining up. Why not, it’s free and always will be! We don’t ask for a ton of personal information and you get your own profile page which allows you to form your own group (again for free), learn from friends, advise others and keep a journal of your efforts. Sign up here to be a part of Waetugo – we’re always friendly and want to help you every step of the way.

Psychology and motivation go hand in hand and we’ve got you covered. We have a series of articles that you can find here, here and here. Mastering motivation often seems like something of a dark art to those of us who find ourselves unable to keep going but it’s more about practicing a few small habits than making large fundamental changes.

If you’re thinking about losing weight you might be thinking about exercising. We all know that the Internet is full of information about fitness but can it be trusted? In these articles you will be able to explore some of the most robust evidence and make more informed decisions about how you spend your fit time. You can read about endurance training, HIIT, and exercising without ever exercising in our popular blog posts.

We have taken this opportunity to walk with you through some of the information and steps you might wish to take just to move you forward a little. Keep Waetugo high on your list of things to-do and keep checking back in with us so we can help you on your weight loss and then weight maintenance journey. Don’t get overwhelmed. Just scan the articles and take a few snippets and come back and maybe begin setting a goal. Monitor your progress on your own profile page and let us know how you get on.

We’re with you all the way.

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