Your Waetugoal Toolbox Can Help You Achieve Your Goal

Having a well stocked and orderly tool box is an invaluable asset on your weight loss and maintenance journey. This is where you will turn when the going gets tough.

You might find that a friend who is working towards a similar goal can go here along with their email address and telephone number. Call them up and get a motivational boost or just having a friendly chat might distract you long enough to learn that slight hunger doesn’t have to dominate your thinking. Do this a few times over several days and the battle is nearly won.

A favourite light and healthy snack could be highlighted here – a go to favourite when the treats are calling. Write down the recipe however small and simple. Don’t stop at one, they can all go here. And post them in your journal and share with friends.

Talking about sharing with friends, you might recognise your team forum as a useful tool so put it in here and then visit the page and write something in there.

What about healthy distractions? Complete a mini project or engage in some proper selfishness. See how much time passes before you recognise the hunger again. Put your favourites in your tool box.

Many people like aromatherapy and find that certain scents can relieve the feelings of mild hunger. Try some out and see what works for you. Then list them in your toolbox.

An early morning walk or a burst of exercise can be extremely motivational leaving a person wanting to have a healthy day. If this is you, jot it down.

Your toolbox is personal to you, fill it as you wish. And add to it every time you find something else that helps you move towards your Waetugoal.

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