Why Our Own Thinking Can Be The Biggest Hurdle

Thinking errors are the mistakes that our mind makes by ignoring logic and engaging fully with emotion. Here at Waetugo it is part of our mission to help you understand how the brain trips us up and how we can engage it to greater effect.

All or Nothing Thinking

This particular thinking error can affect us, our weight, eating habits and weight loss programme in a number of ways.

We might believe that a meal hasn’t been a real meal unless we walk away feeling full and anything but complete satisfaction isn’t a real meal deal.

Or a person might feel that they have completely failed on their diet if they engage in a small treat rather than seeing it in a less dramatic way – perfectionism isn’t what we are asking for at Waetugo and small slips are to expected and learned from.

Magnification and Minimisation

This classic is where we big up the achievements of others (not a bad thing) but don’t treat ourselves in the same way but rather minimize our successes and high points. With this thinking error being prevalent in our cognitive processing our self-esteem is constantly eroded and our drive towards goal achievement is high jacked by negative, introspective thinking.

The same thinking error can trip is up in reverse when we very kindly minimize the mistakes of others whilst exaggerating our own as seen in all or nothing thinking.


Externalizing is making the mistake of blaming others for our own failings when facing up to the reality of our own errors puts us in the position of being able to attend to them and learn for the future. It might be nice when we look elsewhere rather than taking it on the chin but ultimately it is disempowering and without merit.

Emotional Reason

Simply put, this is when we assume that our negative thoughts reflect reality. It might be that you think there is no point in attending to your weight and fitness because you have failed before and therefore assume that you will fail again. You might believe that healthy, fit bodies aren’t for you but just for those in the magazines and colour supplements so putting in the effort is a waste of time.

Well it’s now time to challenge how you see yourself and your place in the world.

Jumping to Conclusion

Following on beautifully from Emotional Reason is Jumping to Conclusions. Assuming that the future holds failure and defeat. We might be basing this on some past experience but even if this is the case we are probably ignoring evidence that contrasts with the initial thoughts. Identify a few successes in your history even if they have nothing to do with weight loss and fitness.

Labeling and Mislabeling

Do you ever label yourself, adding a tag that is less than helpful in losing weight or maintaining weight loss? Do you ever unfairly label others in the same position? Or, do you ever mislabel healthy or fit looking people in such a way that puts a negative slant to their fitness or lifestyle?

What is it that you gain when you do this and what could happen if you eliminated this from your thinking?


See how you get on with identifying these thinking errors as you go forward and then challenging them with a bit of logic.

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