The Marble Method

If I told you that we could lose weight with marbles, you might just think I was going off the rails. But don’t worry, they aren’t part of a new diet craze. But losing your marbles can be a very good thing indeed.

Visual clues and reminders of our goals are excellent ways to keep us on track and many people trying to lose weight keep a chart that tracks their progress – an excellent method – but we think we can add to and improve on this at Waetugo. We think the Marble Method is a great way to enhance our chances of success with weight loss by tapping into our psychology in a natural and fun way.

One of our favourite tips is to get two see through jars of a similar size and shape and put a number of marbles equal to every pound of weight you want to lose in one of the jars. If you don’t have too much weight to lose you might want to use one marble for every half pound. Now whenever you weigh yourself you move a marble out of the jar and into the other one for every pound lost. If you gain a pound you move one back. If you keep the jars in a prominent place you have a regular reminder of your aims and it becomes a game to try and get the marbles across. People using this method seem to hate the idea of moving a marble back if we gain a pound as we can no longer hide behind the hope that our weekly weight loss compensates for the ‘bad’ days – the marble movement is daily. Every marble moved in the right direction gives us a great sense of satisfaction and the healthy eating and the active lifestyle now have two rewards; weight loss and marble movement. It might sound crazy, but getting to the point where all the marbles have moved becomes as important as weighing yourself and seeing you are slimming down – who doesn’t love a good game?

Marvel's in jar

The Marble Method can also be a team effort. You might keep a separate set of jars and marbles for the combined weight loss of a group or family and this might motivate someone who needs the extra boost of contributing to a team effort.

Some people don’t like telling others what their actual weight is but want to recruit their help and share their achievements. The Marble Method is perfect for this as no actual weight score ever has to be revealed.


In a previous article we explored how important it is to measure our progress accurately. Those that measure accurately and regularly get appropriate feedback on the achievements and can learn massive amounts from this and are usually rewarded with goal success. The Marble Method helps with this.


In yet another article we published, or rather a series of articles we had this to say about motivation:


‘Many, if not all of us, struggle with getting, being or feeling motivated. At least for certain activities or projects. It’s a part of the human condition. Who hasn’t put off going to the gym for a quick session or procrastinated a few months away while the spare bedroom needed redecorating? A very rare few I would hazard. Who has tripped up before really getting under way with a New Year resolution? Or even more bizarrely, given up after reaching a goal and letting all of the effort slip away? I know I have. So, are we doomed to a life of sluggish unease and half-finished projects or can we become one of these up and at ‘em types that always seem full of energy and boundless enthusiasm? Indeed, we can. And you might find that life not only becomes more productive but feels easier and calmer too.’


The Marble Method is a lovely way to encourage our motivation as we will see them everyday just wanting to be moved from one jar to the other.

If you don’t have a set of marbles lying around we have found a nice set for very little outlay here. Clean out a couple jars or buy something fancy if you want something more appealing to look at like these preserve jars on Amazon. I personally use two pasta sauce jars that I repurposed and ran through the dishwasher.


We would love to hear how you get on with our Marble Method so please keep us informed.

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