5 Reasons Why Setting a Waetugoal Is Important For Your Success

Goal setting is the big step away from having a vague idea of what you want or a pipe dream and a move towards a new reality. Here at Waetugo we love our goals.

Your Waetugoal is a step by step guide to creating a meaningful goal with built in motivation and purpose. But other than creating a focus, what are the benefits of forming a solid goal? Here’s a few thoughts.

  • Motivation – creating a Waetugoal is highly motivational. You are for more likely to take the first steps towards your point of focus after creating a goal and writing it down or publishing it here. Reviewing your Waetugoal regularly provides further shots of motivation and we recommend a daily check in. After all, you do want to reach your ideal weight.
  • Positive Outlook – Many people in modern times can experience low self-esteem and this will be reinforced by having a negative view of your future. By setting a Waetugoal you will change the way you view what tomorrow looks like as you step forward, draw near and finally reach your ideal weight.
  • Control and Influence – Having a Waetugoal, written in full and published on your own page sends a strong message out to yourself – I have taken control and have begun influencing my future. Go you!
  • Focus – Nothing complicated here. Creating a Waetugoal that suits you and your lifestyle helps you focus on what you need to do in order to get there, making better use of your time and narrowing in on the effort required.
  • Measuring and Assessing – A Waetugoal allows you to choose a target that can be measured and divided into smaller steps and more manageable chunks. The more we measure and the more we see ourselves moving forward the more likely we are to feel confident of reaching our objective and, ultimately getting that success.


Goal setting with Waetugo is easy. Go create your future with a Waetugoal now.

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