Don’t Be Alone – Reap Greater Rewards By Being Part Of A Group


Waetugo understood right from the beginning that joining a group comes with its own set of benefits and rewards. We aren’t just talking about camaraderie and the chance to have a natter, but rather the hidden secrets that facilitate personal growth and achievement. Being part of an active group will naturally bring these benefits with little more effort than simply being there, being proactive and trying to help the others.

Here are some of our favourites.


  • Altruism

Or acts of kindness. We feel better when we have taken the opportunity to be kind to others, experiencing a boost in our own self-esteem as well as having helped the other person on a practical level. Sharing a recipe, offering encouragement or even agreeing to take someone to the gym with you, all make you feel better about yourself and help you to buy into the process of weight loss. Altruism creates a feeling of belonging and this type of investment goes a long way to improving your motivation for reaching your goal.


  •  Different Strokes

People approach problems from all sorts of different angles and with different methods. Being part of an active group affords us the gift of seeing what others have done and are doing and thus providing us with the knowledge of many others. Learning from group members is an easy way to pick up some new ideas by listening to them and seeing how their own experiments are going.


  • Teaching Opportunities

Following immediately on from the above, we have the opportunity to share our own wisdom with our group. Identifying something that has been working for ourselves, with the knowledge that we can now inform others, is very satisfying. Seeing others benefitting from our tips and advice comes back to us with further encouragement and motivation – a true virtuous circle.




  • Universality

Put simply, this is the phenomenon of realising we are not alone in our struggle; that others have the same problems and issues that we do. Recognizing that you and your weight problem is something that almost countless others experience and that they struggle with the same tricky situations that you do makes us feel less alone. In fact, it can often make our difficulties feel less special. The only thing special here is you and what you are doing to overcome the problem.




  • The Mirror

Sometimes we don’t see the mistakes we make until we see them made by others. A group can be the perfect place to become more self-aware. When we see the problematic behaviours in others that we then see in ourselves we can be one to put it right and then maybe the other person will learn from your teaching.



  • Social Skills

Without wishing to generalize, some overweight people may have developed social difficulties such as not wanting to go out or to wear attractive clothes being just two of a plethora of social issues that can arise. A group is a great way to test out some of the challenges you may have faced. Even online groups can provide a chance to sound out other people, and starting with a few trusted group members can be a springboard to greater confidence as you work towards your goal – Don’t wait until you’ve reached your target to start living the life you want.



  • Commitment

Committing to a group is committing to your goal. All of your trusted group members get to help you reflect on your methods, your approach and your achievements and set backs – we’ll all have them. Many people experience a greater commitment when a goal is shared.

Next Steps

If you aren’t already in a group then go and join one or even start one. It’s easy here at Waetugo – click on the GROUPS button and follow the steps. Come up with a catchy or meaningful name and invite friends and family who want what you want.

Let a group help you to get to the weight you want to be at.

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