Putting The Pieces Together

We’ve been busy here at Waetugo Mansions setting our own goals and exploring how best we can help you, identifying what you want and putting the pieces all together in one place. Moving forward we are going to publish a fresh article every Friday that will link to either the best research or the most up to date news in the worlds of weight loss, weight management, health and fitness. Our priority remains to add a psychological perspective to our postings so we can all understand ourselves a little better.

On the tech side, our computer gurus are working on an advanced dashboard so your experience is very warm and cuddly. Or sharp and focused if you prefer.

But what more do you want?

We have our team here at your disposal. If you need questions answering simply get in touch with us at waetugo@waetugo.com and we will see if we can fit the answer into one of our future posts. Alternatively, you can pose a question at the end of a blog post and we can answer you there. Or you can answer someone else’s question.

In the meantime take a moment to review some of our previous articles, join up HERE, set your own goals, start your very own group, start chatting in blog post comments or jump on the scales and see if anything needs to change. And of course, check back in with us every Friday for the latest and best the web has to offer.

Kindest regards,

Your friends at Waetugo.

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