Mastering Personal Motivation – Motivation Series Part One

What is it, this thing we call motivation? Psychology Today suggests it is nothing more complicated than the desire to do things. And we couldn’t disagree. It’s a simple and easy concept to understand yet still it is a wrestling match few of us ever win outright.


Many, if not all of us, struggle with getting, being or feeling motivated. At least for certain activities or projects. It’s a part of the human condition. Who hasn’t put off going to the gym for a quick session or procrastinated a few months away while the spare bedroom needed redecorating? A very rare few I would hazard. Who has tripped up before really getting under way with a New Year resolution? Or even more bizarrely, given up after reaching a goal and letting all of the effort slip away? I know I have. So are we doomed to a life of sluggish unease and half finished projects or can we become one of these up and at ‘em types that always seem full of energy and boundless enthusiasm? Indeed we can. And you might find that life not only becomes more productive but feels easier and calmer too.

Personality transplants or whole of life changes are not needed to fix our levels of motivation, but rather a small number of simple habits, incorporated into a daily routine, will be the foundation of this new and energized you! Professional coaches, counselors and psychotherapists have long recognised that a few simple tips and tricks can surprise people by how much they are suddenly achieving and how it makes them feel

Perhaps the biggest lesson in becoming a master of your motivation is in the discovery that you might rarely feel motivated before a task begins and that motivation generally starts after we do. Motivation is not the first gear but the second, third and fourth. Many of the aforementioned tips are actually kick-starters, for once you’ve begun something, feeling motivated is the natural side effect. In fact, it becomes unavoidable! Many of you will be familiar with the old adage, ‘even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. And then you keep going.


It is vital to understand that becoming more motivated is not a once in a lifetime event in which a switch is flicked and you are imbued with an elixir of get up and go that lasts for all eternity, but rather a daily dose that spurs us into action time and time again. Motivation is like medicine; sometimes a quick sharp shock with the benefits following on throughout the days and weeks that follow; an investment in your future self.

In this series we will look at the Waetugo favourites. Some will be tried and tested old classics and others will be new experiments on the block and from these you will be able to create a section in your own toolbox dedicated to getting you driving forward, keeping moving and staying on the right track.

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