Have An Honest Chat With Your Hunger

The beliefs we have will be deep and grooved in but they can change. We aren’t talking about our religious beliefs or our thoughts on right and wrong but rather on how we think about food, hunger, meal times and snacking. It will help you if you make notes on these as they pop into your head – and make sure you put them in your Waetugoal and share them with your team. Don’t hesitate to take a look at what your team mates have written and if you see a similarity feel free to borrow it – that’s how your team plays together.

Beliefs about hunger can be summarized as follows but you may think of something not here. If you do, let us know.

  • Hunger is uncomfortable

People struggling with their weight have a tendency to exaggerate to themselves how uncomfortable hunger is using language that fuels their problematic thinking such as ‘I’m starving to death.’

This intolerance of hunger feelings leads us into several problematic behaviours such as snacking at the first sign of hunger rather than waiting for the next proper meal, over eating at meal times in the hope that this will keep them full until the next meal or eating too regularly to make sure we never feel hungry.

  • Wanting to eat is needing to eat

People who have a tendency towards being overweight will frequently find themselves wanting to eat and making the mistake that this signals hunger. Differentiating between the two different mindsets is crucial in maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Hunger is bad

Mild hunger is often seen as a ‘bad’ thing, something to be avoided at all costs as it is distracting or unhealthy, a sign that we aren’t looking after ourselves. As with ‘hunger is uncomfortable’ above the behaviours are the same.


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