Fat but Fit! The Evidence.

fat but fit

You may well have awoken to the news that the notion you could be fat and yet remain fit (or healthy when you read between the lines) is a myth. Even the venerable BBC were weighing in with a sizeable piece on this very subject.

Here at Waetugo we are all about making sure we understand the beliefs that hold us back and became instantly interested in finding out the truth. If we have members who think that they can stay fit without dropping a few pounds we need to be able to point them in the right direction if they are labouring under a false belief.

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The key study (read here) investigated whether or not higher aerobic fitness could mitigate the effects of being overweight. More than 1.3 million men were studied for nearly 30 years – this was no small lab rat study – and they eventually concluded that you were better off being unfit and of a healthy weight than being fit and overweight. It seems that the myth is shattered. The scientists involved also made another staggering finding – low fitness in late adolescence increases the chances of early death! So it seems that we need to seek both states – being aerobically fit and have a healthy weight. You can seemingly be aerobically fit even if you are obese but this doesn’t stop you dying young.

The British Heart Foundation have been quick to help us out a little too pointing out that heart disease is a multifactorial condition. They make the helpful summary that one seemingly healthy factor in your life does not cancel out numerous unhealthy ones.

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What is important for us here at Waetugo is that this information can help us avoid a potential trip hazard. In our article about the beliefs which hold us back we examined closely what often keeps us from achieving our very best because long standing beliefs get in the way. Take a quick look at that piece and then come back. Can you now add the fat yet fit (healthy) one to your own list?

This is a timely reminder to re-evaluate our beliefs and our goals. Those who are more successful when it comes to healthy weight loss and maintenance are far more likely to review their progress and review it in the light of past, present and future challenges.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts below.

All the very best with your endeavours – The Waetugo Team.

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