An Alternative Advent Calendar

Last year, at about this time, I was sat with our tech expert, Dave, who had a brain wave’. ‘Glyn,’ he said. ‘Why don’t we set our readers and members a challenge this advent?’

‘Go on,’ I said.

‘Well, advent calendars are very popular but not really in keeping with the habits of people who manage their weight well.’

‘Indeed,’ I agreed. ‘What do you have in mind?’

‘How about instead of eating a piece of choccy every day, people seek out a new fruit, vegetable, nut or seed? That way, by Christmas Eve they will have experienced 24 healthy snacks and will be in the habit of eating this way.’

‘Dave,’ I said, ‘that is genius. But you’ve given me only two days to writs the article. Can we do it next year instead?’

basket of veg

Luckily, Dave is an amenable chap and gave me a twelve-month reprieve and here we are. And if you’ve read this far, you probably don’t need to read much further as it is as simple as eating something different from each of the four food groups over the advent period, each and every day.

However, it would be nice and very helpful to your weight loss goal if you kept a record.

One of the benefits of achieving a 24-day habit is that you get into a mindset, and a mindset that of healthy snacking is definitely one of a slim and fitter person. Whilst here at Waetugo we love our goal setting we also love creating systems in the pursuit of our goals, or rituals that are difficult to ignore.

Think of a person who sets out to run 5km twice a week. Difficult to keep up but if they commit to meeting like. Indeed people to play football or netball for instance, twice a week the habit is easier to set as team sports are more difficult to step away from or excuse yourself from.

Meeting friends at the gym on certain days or joining in with fitness classes are other examples of systems that help groove in meaningful habits that might be more powerful than a vague intention.

So, don’t be vague about ‘eating more fruit’ but set this advent habit. Make it. More fun by trying foods you haven’t eaten before or not repeating any foods. The latter might be easier as you can turn to a staple such as an apple or banana if it gets difficult to visit the local green grocer.


Some new foods I intend to seek out are:

Mangosteen – This resembles an apple but with a rosette surrounding the purple fruit

Figs – Everyone knows the fig, but I’ve never eaten one

Star apple – scooped out of the skin like a kiwi

Jackfruit – People sometimes eat tis unripe as a vegetable including the seeds but ripe, I am told, it is a very lovely fruit


Please make your suggestions below or record your 24-day, advent efforts.

All the best,


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