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Weight loss and healthy weight maintenance is difficult for so many people even with so many products, useful information and websites out there. Waetugo offers something different – a way of looking at how our thinking trips us up, holds us back and keeps us from our dream weight.
Do diets work? Absolutely! So why don’t we get to where we want to be or stay there when we reach our goal? It’s all about the way we think about food, hunger and staying motivated. With Waetugo, make friends and share insights into your own obstacles and achievements when it comes to weight loss.
Join a growing number of people just like you, looking to improve their own understanding of weight Loss. Sign up, free of charge with no add ons later and lose weight with Waetugo – totally free, always free.


The Psychology of Weight Loss

Why do so many people want to be slimmer than they are but struggle to achieve or maintain a chosen weight?
Here at Waetugo we provide the missing link – the psychology behind the successful journeys to great weight and health.
At Waetugo you will find a handy goal-setting tool, designed for ease of use, regular review and increased motivation – The WAETUGOAL.
And more about motivation keeps getting through at Waetugo. You can work alone if you wish, but Waetugo works best in teams – keeping each other going, sharing the highs and the achievements, examining the difficulties together, the helping hand of your friends, family and colleagues who want to share their own journeys can be invaluable.


The Waetugo Difference

Waetugo provides the insights into the behaviours we need to change and an opportunity to stand up to them rather than hiding behind them.
Our beliefs can be examined here. What beliefs about food, hunger, DNA, eating and daily choices need to be explored so that you can start shredding the fat, reducing the weight and looking and feeling like a better version of you?

At Waetugo we have those answers as well as quite a few questions you might not have asked yourself before – the missing questions and answers that coupled with the healthy diet of your choice WILL lead to a better weight and fitter, healthier body that you can be happy with.
Start slow if you wish – sign in and read a few journal entries by others. Select a target weight and read a few helpful articles. And when you are ready, join or start a team and complete a WAETUGOAL.